Dowload NBA 2k21 for android apk + obb

Dowload NBA 2k21 for android apk + obb

NBA 2k21 Mobile Basketball is a 3D basketball game where you get to experience all the thrills of NBA 2k21 from the comfort of your smartphone. Now it's up to you to build your own dream team. Pick which 5 players you want on the court and compete in online games against players around the world.

Control systems in NBA 2k21 Mobile Basketball is lightly simplified regarding previous versions for PCs and consoles. With the virtual joystick on your left you'll take control of your player, and with the buttons on your right you pass the ball, dribble, make free throws and much more. Controls vary somewhat whenever you take part in a special event or other game modes.

In NBA 2k21 Mobile Basketball you select who to contract from over 400 different NBA players, each of them represented with their own card. Plus you won't just get to choose from current NBA stars, you'll also get to play with legendary giants like Michael Jordan himself. As you play games with each of your stars, they'll begin to level up, gaining improved skills to dominate your opponents on the court.

With over half a dozen different games to choose from, you'll find that the real star here is the online league. During online worldwide competition you'll face off against opponents and their dream teams from around the world. The more games you win, the more fans you get which means more sponsors and fame to go with all the trappings of your glory.

NBA 2k21 Mobile Basketball is a spectacular basketball game in every sense of the word. Excellent control systems, well-adapted gameplay, touchscreen play and outstanding graphics, along with the variety of game modes and official NBA licensing make for a game that leaves nothing left to be desired and brings a true NBA experience to your smartphone.



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