Download Road Riot 1.29.35 mod (unlimited resources) 2020

Download Road Riot 1.29.35 mod (unlimited resources) 2020
Road Riot Combat Racing is a racing game with a bird's eye perspective where you drive a heavily armed vehicle and have to go through traffic destroying all your opponents.

The control system in Road Riot Combat Racing is simple enough: you have to use just one finger. When you touch the screen the car will start to fire, and when you slide your finger the car will move in that direction while shooting.

With this simple control system, you have to try to stay behind the wheel as long as possible – and it won't be easy. Other vehicles will come at you on the highway and try to destroy you, and some, like the flammable truck, are more dangerous than others and can make you explode in seconds.

As usual for this kind of game, in Road Riot Combat Racing, you can buy new vehicles and improve the ones you have. That said, to do this you'll need the money you get from destroying enemy vehicles.

Road Riot Combat Racing is a simple but highly entertaining racing game that combines graphics with cartoon-like aesthetics with a very direct and explosive gameplay. Its short rounds (they hardly last two minutes) also make it ideal for a quick go.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher