Download Clash Royale‏ v3.4.2 MOD (latest version)

Download Clash Royale‏ v3.3.2 MOD (lastest version) for pc and andriod

Download Clash Royale‏ v3.4.2 MOD (latest version)

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game in which you fight other players online in crazy duels. In this game you will find all the characters from Clash of Clans: giants, a barbarian king, wall destroyers, archers and all the other characters.

The gameplay in Clash Royale is simple and straightforward. The game will start with three towers: one in the middle and the other two on one side. The aim is to use your forces to destroy your enemy's central tower, while simultaneously defending your towers. Each spin lasts three minutes, except when there is a tie; In that case, you will be given extra time.

In Clash Royale there are tons of different troops, but you first have to unlock them. To unlock and level up troops, you will have to collect cards. These cards can be found inside the chests that you get by winning tournaments.

Each of the units in Clash Royale has specific characteristics: life points, attack distance, spread time, speed, and so on. You can improve these attributes as you level up, and this allows you to completely customize your forces.

Clash Royale is a frantic and fun multiplayer strategy game. The short duration of each duel (between one and four minutes) means that you can play at any time. Plus the graphics are great, as in the original Clash of Clans.

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