How to run ps3 games on windows pc

in this tutorial we gonna show you How to run playstation 3 games on windows pc 64bit

How to run ps3 games on windows pc
Do you miss play station games like fifa street - Metal Gear The Legacy Collection and more ... do you wanna play it again or need to try new games ? you are in the right place...
In this tutorial I am going to be showing you how to play playstation 3 games on your pc for free using the emulator rcps3 in 2020!
This method will be 100% free and will work really easily! We will be achieving this by using the free PS3 emulator for pc called RCPS3 which you can find links to below! 
first thing the system  Requirements to run ps3 games in the windows :
Minimum Requirements (For being able to run any games at all, unplayable performance)
Processor - Any 64-bit capable processor
Processor - 32-bit processors are not supported
Graphics Card - Any OpenGL 4.3 compatible GPU or greater
Memory - 4GB of RAM at minimum
Storage - Capacity depends per-game size requirements
Recommended Requirements (For running playable games, playable performance)
Processor - Intel 4-core with HT or 6-cores and up (Haswell and above)
Processor - AMD 6-core with SMT or 8-cores and up (Ryzen only)
Graphics Card - A Modern AMD or NVIDIA Vulkan compatible GPU
Memory - 8GB of RAM or more
Storage - Capacity depends per-game size requirements
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After knowing if you can run the ps3 games in you computer now you must Download RPCS3 and the Firmware : 
PS3 Emulator RPCS3 Download Link:
PS3 Firmware 4.86:
then you must watch the tutorial to know how to install the emulator and run the games